Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Where is Ariel?" asked her sisters.  "We need her for the concert."  "It is the most beautiful voice in the sea," said Sebastian.  Ariel's father, the Sea King, had lost his patience.  "ARIEL!" he called.
   Ariel couldn't hear her father calling.  She was curious about everything about the creatures called humans.  "Look!" Ariel called to her friend.  "The storm is coming now," said Ariel.  Suddenly Ariel saw a young boy who needed help.  The storm began to rage.  "I must save him!" cried Ariel.  She swaim into the storm and pulled the boy safely ashore.  "Is he dead?" asked one of Ariel's friends   "I don't hear him breathing."  at that moment, he came to life and opened his eyes unclearly.  "Are you all right? asked Ariel.  At first, he didn't answer her.  Then she kept asking, "What's your name?"  "I'm Angus," he replied.  He asked, "Did you save my life?"  "Yes!" Ariel replied.  Then they started getting to know each other.  Finally, they got married.  "Do you want to be my wife?" asked Angus.  "Of course, forever," said Ariel.  All the creatures of the sea and land were there, and they sent up a happy cheer.


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