Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When the snipe and Clam Grapple, the Fisherman Profits

Fall 2004
Folk Tales

Once upon a time, a clam crept upon the sandy becah to bask by the sun and relax.  A snipe in the sky saw the clam.  It was hungry that time, so the snipe planned to catch the clam for its lunch.  The snipe flew speedily in the clam's direction but the clam because aware of the attack and closed its shell quickly.  "Ouch, my mouth!" the snipe shouted.  Its mouth had been clipped by the clam tightly.  The snipe felt a lot of pain and it said to the clam, "I won't eat you if you open your shell."  The clam, however, didn't believe the sinpe and said, "You think I'm a nut?  When I opened my shell, you'll surely eat me,"  and they grappled for  a long time.  While they were still quarrelling, a fisherman came out and caught both of them.  When they realized what had happened, it was too late and they had been cooked.


Moral Values
*This story tells us we should not fight with each other, otherwise other people will profit.


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