Monday, June 11, 2012



  There was a man named Haji Mohammad Mohsin in Hugli in India.  He was very kind to the poor people.  One day a poor man went into his home to steal.  When that thief opened his treasury it woke up Haji Mohammad Mohsin.  He then went to the thief and caught him.  He then asked the thief, "Why were you stealing?"  The man then said that he was hungry for three days, so he was stealing.  Haji Mohammed then said, "Why, you are strong and you can do work?"  Then Haji Mohammad Mohsin gave him some money and said that stealing something was not good and it was a crime and sin.  Then he set the thief free.  And after some days, that thief became a good man. and never tried to make any crime like stealing.  And he lived happily for ever.

Mohammed Gulana Faruke

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