Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Lion and the Mouse

Oct.-Dec. 1996
Once upon a time, a lion was living in the jungle.  He thought that he was the king and the other animals were his subjects, and they had to respect him.
   Some time later a mouse came to the jungle searching for new friends.  The mouse went to the lion's house and the lion was hostile with the mouse, although he wasn't too foolish like the other animals.
   One day, a hunter came to the jungle and captured the lion with a net.  The lion couldn't release himself and he ordered the other animals to save him, but the animals didn't listen to his words.  As the mouse was nice he helped to release the lion, biting the net with his little teeth.
   The lion apologized to him, and the other animals, for his behavior, and gave a party to give welcome to the mouse.
   The moral of this story is that people shouldn't despise somebody, because sometime that person can help you.

    -Gloria Hernandez

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