Friday, June 8, 2012

A crane returns a favor

Summer 2003

Maya Saito

   A long time ago, there was a grandfather and a grandmother.  One time the grandfather went to look for firewood and there was a crane that was caught in a trap.  Grandfather felt so sad, he real eased the crane from the trap.  That night, someone came to grandfather's house and knocked on the door.  Outside was a snowstorm.  Grandfather wondered about that.  When grandfather opened the door, a beautiful young woman was standing in the doorway.  The woman asked them to house her for the night.  They welcomed her in their house.  Grandfather said to her, "you could stay here if you want".  A certain night, the woman asked them to let her weave.  They were willing to comply with her request.  But she then said, "I beg a favor of you".  It was not to look into the room while she was weaving.  She was weaving all night.  The next morning, grandfather and grandmother were very surprised because the cloth which she made was very beautiful.  She asked grandfather to sell it in town.  Grandfather did as he was told.  The cloth sold at high price.  After that she weaved every night.  Grandfather and grandmother gradually became rich.  But they had a question.  It was, "however did she make it?"  Their patience wore out.  finally, they looked into the room.  They were astonished in the sight.  The crane which was helped by grandfather was weaving.  The crane said sadly, "you broke my promise, so I can not stay here any more".  And the crane flew into the sky.  After that they have not seen her again.

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