Friday, June 8, 2012

A Female Soldier in Ancient China

Fall 1992
   There was a very unusual event in ancient China.  That was a story about an outstanding female fighter. I think you would like to know it.
   Fighting in wars was supposed to be men's business in Chinese history, but in the Tan Dynasty, there was an exception.  The Government wanted to defend against raids by the enemy, so they recruited soldiers nationwide.  An old man was on the list of recruitment.  His daughter thought that her father was too old to be a soldier; therefore, she made up as a male to join the army, and had many fights with the enemy.  She became an outstanding fighter eventually, yet no one knew she was a female, even her intimate friend in the army.
   When the war ended, they were dismissed.  She was discovered to be female.  Everyone was very surprised.
   Sounds interesting!  See you.

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