Friday, June 8, 2012

Lun San-Bo and Chu Zing-Tae

Spring 1993
Fairy Tales

   This is a very famous story in our country.  A long time ago, there was a very poor student.  He went to the big city to study with an attendant who took care of the poor student and took his luggage.  The girl whose name was Chu Zing-Tae.  She went to study too.  For safety, the girl wore a boy's dress.  San-Bo didn't know "she" was a girl.  When they met together, they had a good time.  One day, San-Bo wanted Zing-Tae to sleep with him.  Zing-Tae said no, and he told Zing-Tae that it was OK.  They were good friends, so Zing-Tae said "yes" very reluctantly.  Whenever they studied, ate or went anywhere, they were always together.
     One day, Zing-Tae's parents wrote in a letter to her that her mother was sick and wanted her to come back as soon as possible.  Before she went home, she hinted to San-Bo that she was a girl, bt San-Bo never figured it out.  Zing-Tae was a girl for a long time.  Their teacher's wife had known that Zing-Tae liked San-Bo, so she told San-Bo the truth.  When Zing-Tae came back to her house, San-Bo sent something to her eighteen times.  They loved each other very much.  But when she had gone home, her parents had wanted her to marry another guy.  When San-Bo heard this news he vomited blood and became very sick.  After many days he died.  When Zing-Tae found out she committed suicide at his grave.  They couldn't become a couple when they were alive, but after they died they became a couple of butterflies.

-Stella,   Taiwan

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