Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sim-Chung's Story

December 2002
Folk Tales from around the world

   Once upon a time, Sim-Chung lived in a small county.  She had a very kind, good personality.  She had bad conditions that her father was a blind person and they were very poor.  The county had a rare traditional ritual in which a committee sacrificed into the nearby sea one person per year; also, the committee paid lots of money to the sacrificing family.  When Sim-Chung heard the news, she decided to become the sacrifice because she wanted to cure her father's eyes.  But she didn't want to inform her father.  In the end, the sea swallowed her, and she disappeared.
   After the event, the issue touched the heart of the king of the sea.  He decided to accept her as a queen.  She became queen, and had a good situation in her life, but she still wanted to see her father.  The king learned of her feelings and made a solution.  As a result, she met her father, and at that moment, her father was able to see her face.  They all lived happily forever after.

   -Soo In Uh

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