Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Sun (Chinese Traditional)

October-December 1996

A long time ago, there were nine suns in the world; they went to the sky but taking turns.  At that time, everything in the world was so peaceful.  But one day, the nine suns decided to go to the sky together, because they thought that it was so lonely to stay in the sky alone.  When they appeared in the sky at the same time, the world became harder and harder, waters were dried up, and people's lives also became worse and worse.
   A young and strong hunter, whose name was Ho I (pronounced Ho Ee), couldn't tolerate the nine naughty suns.  He decided to shoot them down.  Therefore, one day, he and his friend went to the top of a mountain.  After they reached the top Ho I started to shoot the nine naughty suns down.  When he had shot eight suns down, and was beginning to shoot the ninth sun down, his friend stopped him.  He was very angry with his friend, and asked him why he stopped him.  His friend told him that if he shot all the suns down, the world would become colder and colder, and people also couldn't have a good life.  Then, Ho I realized that he was right and stopped shooting.  That is why there is only one sun in the sky now.

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