Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time the pig mother would go to find food for her three little pigs.  She told her kids that she had a key so they don't have to open the door to anyone, because there was a chance that the wolf would come.  Also, she said, "The wold is clever and if he comes, he will try to use smart ways to enter the house.  So you must be very careful."  Their mother left but for they bad luck, the wolf saw that she was leaving.
   Always, the wolf was waiting for this time, the opportunity to make his attack and to have a rich dinner.  He knocked on the house door but nobody answered, so he said loudly, "I'm you mother, can anyone open the door?" and at that time he received an answer: "We know that you are not our mother, and our mother will come back soon," one of the pigs said.  The wolf made a quick thought and he realized that he didn't have time to waste so he had to fin another way.
   He found the solution to his problem.  He ran to the closer supermarket, he took three eggs and he drunk them.  Then he returned back to the place.  The time which had passed, the three little pigs were sure that the wolf had left and there was no chance he would come back again at that time.  Suddenly, they heard a sweet, delicate voice:  "I'm your mother, I'm holding a lot of food and I cannot open the door, please someone help me."  One little pig ran towards the door, opened it and it was the first pig that was eaten by the wolf.  He ate another one but he couldn't find the third one.  It was well hidden.
   When his mother came back home he told her the story.  The good thing was that the little pig became smarter and more careful than ever before.  Also, he listened and paid more attention to his mother's advice.

   -George Maratheftis, Cyprus

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