Saturday, June 9, 2012


     There were some animals who ran from the wild animals, and they met in a very far area.  There were a sheep, deer, rabbit, and donkey.  They promised to help each other and live together in peace, then they would work together in their new home.  The planted some vegetables and grass and every night one of them took care of the land.  One day they did not find the grass and the vegetables.  Someone had eaten them and that person had to be one of them.  so they went to the monkey and asked him to be a judge.  "OK, stand up in one line.  Each animal must swear that he, she or it is innocent and jump over the well."  The sheep started; the sheep swore, ran and jumped over the well.  Second, the deer did the same.  Third was the rabbit; it did the same.  Finally it was the donkey's turn.  It swore, ran, and jumped, but it fell down in the well because it was too heavy after eating, and that was its penalty.

   -Albara, Kuwait

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