Saturday, June 9, 2012


Jan. - Mar. 1996
Fairy Tales

One day, a long time ago in the big forest, there was a very nice rabbit and a big turtle; they met each other, because they had an appointment to run together.  The rabbit had told the turtle, "You walk too slowly; you cannot run faster than me."  so those animals competed running in the big forest, because the turtle did not believe that he would run more slowly than the rabbit.  They were going to start at a big tree, then they were going to finish at another big tree in that forest.  They had an old monkey as referee.  After they started, the rabbit, who could run very fast, ran far, passing the turtle.  But the turtle, who could not run very fast, kept running step by step.  One hour later, the rabbit thought that the turtle could not pass him, so he took a nap under the tree.  The turtle was never discouraged, so he ran slowly, then he was able to pass the rabbit; because the rabbit was taking a nap, he did not know the turtle was passing him.  Soon the turtle was able to run across the finish line first.  When the rabbit awoke, he ran to the finish line too, but he was late.  The lesson of this tale is, "Do not be careless," because it is going to make you lose everything.


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