Friday, June 8, 2012

White Snake

  Spring 1993 
 Fairy Tales

A long time ago, there was a young intellectual in a small town.  One day, he went to attend a test.  Along the way, it began raining suddenly, so he avoided the rain by going into a pavilion.  He saw two beautiful young ladies there.  One was dressed in white clothes, and another was dressed in green clothes.  He felt that the lady dressed in white clothes was very special, and they kept a nice feeling between each other.
   After two days, they met again, and the man proposed that the lady marry him.  The lady agreed.  Then they had a good time living together.  Everybody admired them very much, but nobody knew that the lady was a snake.  She was a goblin, but she could become a person.  She loved the man, so she was terrified that the man would learn the truth.  She didn't want to hurt her husband.
   After one year, they had a baby.  A monk found out that she was a boglin, and he decided to kill her.  One day, he went ot their house, and told the truth to the intellectual.  He loved his wife very much, so he requested that the monk not hurt his wife.  The monk said that the snake would hurt the people of the town.  When the lady found out that the monk had told the truth to her husband, she became very angry.  Then she used her power to drown the monk's pagoda, but many villagers of the town died in the flood.  The monk didn't have any idea, so he decided to keep the snake in the pagoda.
   Her husband was very sad, but he didn't have any idea what had happened.  After that, he took his baby to leave that place that made him so sad.

   -Tracy, Taiwan

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