Friday, June 8, 2012

Abbas Bin Fernas

  Spring 1993

   A long time ago there was a man called Abbas.  This man was thinking about flying in the sky.  He was thinking about the ability to fly.  He decided to try flying.
   He started thinking about the birds, and how they flew for a long time.  After that, he discovered that the wings and the tail of the bird were the important points in enabling the bird to fly.
   Abbas decided to make big wings that were supposed to be suitable for him.  At last he made wings from big birds' feathers.  Then he climbed a large mountain, and when he reached the top, he put the wings on his arms.  He breathed the last breath, and he jumped down.  Abbas tried to fly but he couldn't.  He reached the ground and died.
   Actually this try was the first one in the world.  It wasn't successful, because our man forgot to put on the tail.  Basically it was a brave try to fly.

   -A.J., Jordan

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