Saturday, June 9, 2012

Angel & Woodcutter

Jan. - Mar. 1996
Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, an honest woodcutter lived in the mountain.  He lived alone; in addition, he was too old to marry.  He always cut wood.  He was diligent, honest, and kind, and he had a warm heart.  He always wanted to get married.
   One day, he went to the mountain to cut the wood.  Suddenly, a deer appeared in front of him.  And the deer asked, "Please help me, please, hide me.  A hunter is following me.  Please. help me!"  so he hid the deer.  The hunter came to the woodcutter.  The hunter asked about the deer.  He answered,  "I don't know about a deer, I didn't see it."  The hunter went back.  The deer could talk.  The deer said, "Thank you very much.  Please, tell me your hope.  I can help you."  The woodcutter answered, "I'd like to get married."  The deer said, "There's a pond up the mountain; on the 15th midnight, an angel comes down and takes a shower.  At that time, you can conceal her clothes.  But, you don't have to return her clothes, until you get three babies."  He promised.  On the 15th midnight, he went to the mysterious pond, and he took the angel's clothes.  So the angel couldn't fly back to the sky.  He concealed her clothes.  After that, they got married, and lived happily.


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