Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Battle of Crab and Monkey

Jan. - Mar. 1996
Fairy Tales

A long long time ago, there were a monkey and mother crab.  One day, the mother crab had a rice ball.  And the mother crab walked around outside, and then the monkey was devouring a Japanese persimmon on a tree which is the tree of the fruit of the Japanese persimmon.  And the mother crab saw the monkey; then the mother crab said. "Let's make an exchange, my rice ball for your Japanese persimmon."  but the monkey said, "No way!"  and then the monkey threw the Japanese persimmon at the mother crab.  The monkey threw it hard, and threw many Japanese persimmons.  And these Japanese persimmons hit the mother crab all over her body, and the mother crab died.  But then, the mother crab had babies inside her. The mother crab was pregnant.  And when the mother carb died, the babies were born.
   Later, the baby crabs grew up, and the baby crabs thought, "let's get rid of the bad bad monkey!  He killed our mother!  Let's do it!"  But the monkey was very smart, so the baby crabs needed some help.  So the baby crabs asked the mortar, the bee, the excrement, and the fire.  The baby crabs said, "Can you help us get rid of the bad monkey?"  And they said, "Of course!  Let's get rid of the monkey for these pitiful baby crabs!"
   And one day, they went to the monkey's house, and then they hid themselves, each in different places.  Then the monkey came back home.  At that time the monkey was hungry, so the monkey thought, "I want to eat some food."  Then the monkey sat in the fire.  The next moment, the fire burned up!  The monkey was so surprised.  And the monkey thought, "I have put the fire out, very quickly.  U need water!"  And the monkey ran outside.  the next moment, the monkey fell into a pond of excrement!  Then the bee came buzzing up to the monkey, and the monkey was stung by the bee.  And them monkey was surprised again!  And the monkey entered the house again, and then the monkey acted violently.  The next moment, there was the mortar on the ceiling; then the mortar aimed at the monkey and crushed him!  The monkey was crushed flat under the mortar.  Then the baby crabs appeared in front of the monkey.  And the monkey ran away at full speed.  And the baby crabs were very delighted.

   -Tomomi Sugai

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