Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chim Chang

   Once upon a time, there was a pretty girl in a village.   She loved her father very much.  Her mother had died when she was a baby, so she had a new mother.  Moreover, her father was blind, so her family was very poor.  However, she never blamed her father.  She made an effort to restore her father's sight, and to provide food for her father.  Ine day, two men who were looking fora  girl to perform a sacrificial ritual visited the village.  they proposed to give her a lot of rice if  she sacrificed herself at the sea, so she accepted their proposal on the condition that they offer much food to her father.  She was crying with sorrow, because she would die at the sea.  However, her father wouldn't know that his daughter would be killed.  At sea, she jumped out and died.  At that moment, a miracle happened.  When she opened her eyes, the king of the sea appeared in front of her.  Thy married and she became a queen.  She was very rich and never forgot her father.  They held entertainment for people.  A lot of people participated in the entertainment.  There was a lot of food and drink.  Of course, her father also participated in the entertainment.  When she saw her father, she was very delighted, so she shouted, calling her father.  At last, her father opened his eyes, and he could see the world and his daughter.  Thy were crying with much delight for a long time.  Even now, we remember "Chim Chung" as a pretty woman, who much loved her parents.

   -Jong Chul Park

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