Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chines Valentine's Day

Oct.-Dec. 1996

Once there was a woman who was not from this earth.  She was from the sky.  She visited the earth, and met a man.  Then they fell in love and got married.  But the leader of the sky became very angry when he heard this, because she had not asked him if she could marry.  He sent some soldiers down to earth to get her and bring her back to the sky.
   The man missed her very much, and he died, and because a star in the sky.  The woman also became a star, but the leader was still mad at her, and id not let her be near the man.  Fortunately, the birds sympathized with her, so every year, on July 7th, you can see two very bright stars, connected by a bridge of small stars; they are the birds.  So, it is possible for them to meet once a year.

   -Fa Yu

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