Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Man's Wisdom, or, A Good Hiding Place

October-December 1996

Once, many many years ago, when the first man was born, two Gods were discussing it.  IOne God asked the other: "Where is the safest place where we can hide the wisdom of the men?"  "We can set the wisdom in the center of the earth," replied the other one.  "No, someday the men will dig as far as that, and they will find it," said the first God.  "Perhaps, the moon could be a safe place, what do you think?"  "No, some day the men will fly as far as that, and they will find their wisdom," said the first God again.  "If we hide it inside them, do you think this could be a good hiding place?"  asked the second God.  "Sure!  That is certainly the right place.  They never will think to look for it inside themselves."


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