Saturday, June 9, 2012

You Can Fight With Your Mind

October-December 1996

There was a group of rabbits living in quiet and peace.  The area where they were living was full of grass and it had a nice lake.  They were living alone but with peace.
   One day a group of elephants came to this area looking for food and water.  After they came, the rabbits couldn't live in peace and quiet.  In addition, they couldn't drink or eat.  They were hiding in their houses under ground.  So. they were about to decide to leave the area.  One of these rabbits got an idea to throw these elephants out of the area.
   He went out and asked to speak with the king of the elephants.  The king allowed him to speak.  The rabbit said: "I'm a prophet from the moon.  The moon is very angry because you and your friends drink from his lake."  The king said:  "Can you prove that?"  The rabbit said:  "OK.  Please look at the lake and you can believe me.  After the king looked at the lake he believed the rabbit, because he didn't notice that he was just looking at the reflection of the moon on the water.  Then the rabbit asked the king to drink.  When the king put his trunk in the water to start drinking, the lake started rippling.  As a result the reflection of the moon started shimmering.  The rabbit said:  "Please, Mr King, look how the moon is shaking; he is very angry."  The king believed that and shouted to all elephants to leave the area quickly.  After the elephants left, the rabbits could live in peace and quiet again.

   -Mohammed, Palestine

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