Friday, June 8, 2012


 Spring 1993 
Fairy Tales

A long time ago, God had seven daughters, and the youngest daughter was his favorite.  He loved the daughter more than all things.  One day, the youngest and most beautiful angel asked her father,  "I am so bored, may I go to the Earth to see some different things?"  God said, "Well ,if you want to , you can go, but be careful and notice two things:  Don't love any guy, and don't play too much."
   The youngest fairy went to Earth and visited some places.  She loved this place very much and didn't even want to go home.
   One day, when she showered in a stream, a young cowboy passed by and saw her.  The young cowboy very much liked this beautiful young girl , and he didn't know this young girl was a fairy.  He didn't know how to get close to her and talk to her.  Finally, he had an idea; he stole the clothes of the young girl.  When the young girl finished her shower she looked for her clothes, but she found that her clothes had disappeared.  She almost cried, because these clothes were fairy clothes; she had to depend on these clothes to send her home.
   After that, the young cowboy took the clothes and jumped out of a tree.  He asked the fairy, "Do you want to marry me?"  It was a big surprise for the young girl when she wasn't wearing any clothes.  Also, this young boy was very handsome, and although the young girl was very shy, she still said, "I agree."
   They got married and had a happy life for several years.  Until God found out that his favorite daughter hadn't obey his order.
    God separated this couple, east and west.  God told his daughter that she and her husband could meet one time every year.  That date was July 7.
   Now, Chinese use this day for Valentine's Day.

   -DiMan, Taiwan

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