Friday, June 8, 2012

Little Red and Little Green

 Spring 1993 
 Fairy Tales

In northern China, there are a few people living there who work as lumberjacks, and there is a little girl 5 years old, who always plays outside by herself.  Her name is "Red."
   One day, she met a little boy, who was dressed in green, so she called him "Greeny."  They became good friends.
   After a half a month, Little Red's father felt very strange, because he did not remember any child who lived around this village, no parents.  One day, her father told Red to prepare a long line and told her to tie a knot in the back of the boy's clothes when they were playing.  At the end of the day, the boy didn't know there was a long line behind him accompanying him home.
   The next morning, Little Red's father went out and tried to find the end of the line.  Finally, he found that the end of the line was underground, and he felt very strange and tried to dig.  He found that the knot was tied on a little ginseng.  Her father had found the truth about the little boy, but he didn't tell his daughter, and Little red never saw the boy again.

   -Linda, Taiwan

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