Friday, June 8, 2012


 Spring 1993
Fairy Tales

In ancient times, a father brought his daughter into a marriage with another woman.  The stepmother did not like her daughter because of her beauty.  The stepmother had a daughter also, but she was not as beautiful as the stepdaughter.
   So the stepmother always asked her stepdaughter to do the housework, like sweeping the floor, washing dishes, washing clothes, etc.  The stepmother, though, did let her stepdaughter go out to make some friends.
   One day the King's son wanted to find a girl to become his wife, so he asked his staff to give a message to the village.  All girls who were above 18 years old had to attend his party.
   The stepmother heard the news, but she didn't let her stepdaughter attend the party, because she wanted her own daughter to become the king's son's wife.
   Because of this matter, the stepdaughter was very sad, and she cried in the kitchen all evening.  Eventually a fairy came to talk to her, and said that she could go to the party, but she should promise one thing: she shouldn't come back later than 12:00 midnight; otherwise, she should lose her beautiful clothes and shoes.
   At the party, the stepdaugher came on time, and the King's son liked her very much, and said he would let her go home only if she would marry him.  Unfortunately, she mad promised to the fairy that she would be home before 12:00.
   After the stepdaughter left the party, The King's son was very said, and he asked his staff to find the girl within a certain period.  Finally, the son found the stepdaugher and married her, but the stepmother was very angry.

   -Yen Wah, Malaysia

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