Friday, June 8, 2012


Spring 1993 
Fairy Tales

This is a very famous legend in Paraguay.  It is about the "Master of the Night."  He is a little man full of hair around his body, like dark, especially in the countryside pf Paraguay.  He can whistle very loudly, but nobody can imitate his whistle, because he will get very angry.  Sometimes people bother him; therefore, he does bad things like kill their animals (on farms), or make that person lose his mind.  Sometimes at night, he can follow you.  In this case you will feel that he is following you, so without looking back, you have to throw him a cigarette, and then he will leave you.
   To be his friend, people put, in the yard of their houses at night, these things: eggs, cigarettes, and liquor; therefore, he protects them.
   Most of the people in the countryside of Paraguay believe in the Pombero.  Most of them have never seen him, but they are afraid of him.
   The is one of the Paraguayan legends.  We have many of them, also many myths and beliefs.  Al of them come from the primitive indian.


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