Friday, June 8, 2012


 Spring 1993

   The very cold wind is blowing from north to south now.  There had been much snow since yesterday.  It had been snowing since yesterday, but it was not a blizzard already.  The man had the big ae.  He was not able to escape from the blizzard yesterday; therefore, he could not help staying at this inn.  It was very silent inside the inn.
  The man was exhausted, because he had walked in the blizzard for many hours.  When he found the inn in the blizzard, he got his life.  He approached the inn.  He lit some chopped logs.  He was too exhausted to stay awake.  He recognized the sound of someone knocking on the door.  He did not know how many hours he had been sleeping.  Outside it was snowing terribly.  He thought that hail might have been knocking.  He opened the door a little.  there was a very beautiful lady.  He was astonished by her.  Why was she standing here?  He had her come into the house.  Her face was very beautiful, but it looked like ice.  She said, "I lost my way."  He felt amazed.
   She did not want to approach the fire.  He thought that she looked strange, but he didn't mind it very much.  For a long time, they were sleeping.  The man realized that something was touching him.  That lady - - the man did not intend to take advantage of her.  If the lady came to his bed, he would play with her.  She came to the bed; therefore, they played.
   After playing, she said,  "Could you give me some dough?"  He refused to pay money at the beginning.  Finally, he paid some money.  Also, she said, "Please never say you saw me!"
   The man died.  his body did not have blood, and his face looked like a very innocent kid.
   We can not know where she was, or why he died.

-Take, Japan

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