Friday, June 8, 2012

A Fairy Tale

 Spring 1993

Once upon a time, the world had ten suns.  Therefore, the slimate was very hot and there wasn't any kinds of vegetation on the earth.  People couldn't do anything.
   One day, a young man, Ho-Ei, who was a good archer, went to the highest mountain and started shooting at the suns.  One, two, three... At last he had shot nine suns.  Then, all the vegetation grew, and people gave thanks to the young man who shot the suns.  Thus, the people respected Ho-Ei and advocated for him to be the king.
   After many years, the king became self-satisfied and rough.  He wanted people to find an eternal life medicine to give him.  His wife was a beautiful and kind woman.  She was afraid that the king would roughly dominate the people; thus, when the king got the eternal life medicine, his wife stole and ate the medicine from the king.  At this time, an amazing thing happened.  The queen gradually rose to the moon.


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