Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dorado's Legend

   In a Guatavita town lived the Chibcha tribe, before colonization.  The little town is surrounded by a mountain, and trees, and in the middle of the mountain there is a pond.  This tribe was famous for its gold pieces and its religious ceremonies.  When the summer solstice occurred, the cacique was showered in liquid gold, while the tribe was preparing a gold canoe, used in the ceremony, to give the tribe's thanks to their gods for the riches, food, water, and wonderful place.  When the cacique was ready, and all his body was covered with gold, the ceremony began; over the pond his slaves were waiting, he walked around the town with the wisher of the tribe, and when they arrived in front of the pond the cacique got up on the gold canoe.  When they were in the center of the pond, he fell into the cold water and he had to swim to the shore; his gold was int he pond.  when the spanish arrived they robbed all the gold and gems they could find from the tribes, and also, all the religious elements that were made of gold.  Receiving notice of the war and the robbery of all the masterpieces, the Guatavita tribe decided to put their gold things in another place.  But nobody knew where; many people said they were in the pond others that they were in some mountain, but nobody could find it, ever.  And from the pond at night you can hear its cry.

   -Claudia Serrato

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