Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Guardian Deitty Children (made of stone)(Ojizo-san)

October-December 1996

A long time ago, there was an old man whose job was to make bamboo hats, and be lived on selling these hats.  One winter day, at the end of December, he went out to sell these hats which he had made by himself, but nobody bought them.  On the way home he saw six guardian deity children.  On their heads, a little snow lay.  When he saw them he felt very sorry, and he put his bamboo hats on each of their heads.  Unfortunately, he had only five bamboo hats, so the last of the guardian deity children had no bamboo hat.  He took off his towel from his head, and put it on the last guardian deity's head.  He not only couldn't get any money, but he also lost five bamboo hats.
   On the last day of December, he woke up suddenly because outside it was a little noisy.  He opened the door, and saw the six guardian deity children leaving.  Beside the door, there was a lot of r ice, vegetables, and money.  The old man and his wife were able to have a happy new year.

-   Natsuko

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