Saturday, June 9, 2012

Together is the Best

October-December 1996

There were three buffalo living in a forest.  They were very close and friendly.  They always went to eat together, drink, and have fun.  The first one was white, the second one was brown and the third was black.
   In this forest there was also a lion living.  This lion was hungry all the time.  On the other hand there wasn't a lot of animals to eat.  So this lion was looking to eat one of the three buffalo.  But he couldn't, because they usually fought him together.  The lion wasn't so stupid, and he found a way to eat these buffalo.
   One day he told the brown and black one that he usually could find them because he could see their white friend, and if he could eat the white one there wouldn't be any problems.  So they let him eat the white one.  After some days he told the black one to let him eat the brown one, because of his bad color, and if he could eat that brown buffalo the black buffalo could have all the grass in the forest just for him.  Then the lion ate the brown one.
   Finally the lion came to the black buffalo and said:  "It's time to eat you, no one can protect you today." The black buffalo said: "Yes, it's time for that.  Just now I learned what staying together means."  Before the lion ate this black buffalo, the black buffalo cried:  "Today I'll be eaten like what happened to my two friends."


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