Friday, June 8, 2012

Ho-E and the Sun

Fall 1992
Have you ever thought, "Why is there only a sun in the world?  Here is a story to tell you about this.
   A long time ago, there were ten suns in the sky.  Therefore, the weather was extremely hot and dry.  The crops and the food could hardly live under such sun power.  However, there was a man named Ho-E who appeared and rescued people.  there was one time when ho-E could not stand the heat.  So finally, he came out with an idea to solve the problem.
   One day, Ho-E brought his famous arrow, and rode his horse, leaving for the east.  He rode as quickly as he could in order to shoot the suns before they all rose in the sky.  No doubt it was really a hard job for him; nobody expected that he would do it and come back.  However, there was a miracle and he did it.  Ho-E shut down one suns, and left one.
   This interesting story that I mentioned is the answer to the quest, "Why is there only one sun in the world?"

   -  Jia-Ying

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