Friday, June 8, 2012

A man and a dog

Once upon a time, a dog had lived at the house of White.  Her name is "Leo"  She had very big eyes, high ears and a black nose.  She had been very small, as small as the size of a pigeon.  But this dog had been very clever.  She had distinguaished to come house her master inside the house.  Mr. White had loved her as much as his parents.
   One day, Mr. White got up early and went out on a morning walk with her.  She jumped for joy.  They walked down the road of the park.  but they couldn't walk normally, because Leo kept going into the grass so frequently.  On each occasion, he stopped and cried out, "Leo! Leo! Come here."  And then, she would run quickly to him.  He walked some more but she kept running into the grass.  he got more and more angry, because when he called she came, but when he walked she ran into the grass.  But she wasn't angry with him.
   At that time, a matter occurred.  He had lost sight of Leo.  he wandered up and down the park for 30 minutes.  But he couldn't find her.  When he came back to the house to ask for help, he found her in front of his house.  She had been waiting.  She was delighted to see him and wagged her tail.
  Mr. White's eyes were wet with tears.

   -Victor White*

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