Saturday, June 9, 2012


Summer 1994
Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there were an old man and old woman on the mountain.  They lived near a river.  One day, while the old man went to the mountain to cut trees, the old woman washed clothes in the river.  She found a big peach; it was running through the river.  The old woman took the peach and brought it home. When the old man came home, they cut the peach.  It surprised them that a baby was born from the peach.  The old man and old woman called the baby "Momotaro" (Momo means peach; taro is a common Japanese name for a boy).  He grew up healthy and strong.
   When Momotaro was a teenager, he decided to go to the island of ogres (devils) to fight them.  The old woman made damprin for Momotaro to win; therefore, he had many damprins.  While Momotaro walked the road there was a dog.  He wanted to join Momotaro; therefore, Momotaro gave the dog some damprins.  Next, there was a monkey.  He wanted to join Momotaro and the dog; therefore Momotaro was a monkey.  Finally, there was a bird.  He wanted to join Momotaro and the dog and the monkey.  Momotaro gave him damprins also.
   They arrived at the island of ogres.  There were many ogres on the island.  They were red and green ogres.  Momotaro and the animals were fighting and fighting.  Momotaro was very very strong; furthermore, the animals helped him.  As a result, Momotaro won the fight.  The ogres gave him jewels, food, and so on.  After that Momotaro and the animals left the island, and then went back home.

   -Kuniko Komatsu

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