Saturday, June 9, 2012

Turtle and Rabbit

Summer 1994
Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, under the sea, the king of the sea was very sick, so many doctors came to see the king, but nobody could make the king well.  While the people of the sea were worried about their king's illness, a turtle minister brought a famous doctor from the land/  The famous doctor said that the best medicine was the lung of a wild rabbit, so the turtle minister went to the land to get the rabbit's lung.  At last, the turtle minister found a rabbit, and fascinated the rabbit with gold, but the turtle minister didn't tell the truth: that he needed the rabbit's lungs.  At the beach, the turtle minister told the truth to the rabbit, and the rabbit said, "I usually leave my lung at home."  Then the rabbit went to his home, and never returned.

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