Saturday, June 9, 2012


A long time ago, a grandpa and a grandma lived peacefully.  He had gone to the mountain to cut the grass.  She had gone to the river to wash their clothes.  Suddenly a big peach floated toward her.  she picked it up and brought it to her house, and cut the big peach with grandpa.  Just then there was a baby in the peach.  They named him Momotarou.  They had no children, so they brought him up as a treasure.
   When Momotarou grew up as a boy, some Oni often appeared in his town and robbed people of their precious things.  So people were threatened by them.  One day Momotarou saw the Oni robbing his grandma and grandpa; after that he decided to beat the Oni.  While he was getting ready to go, his grandma and grandpa cooked Kibidango, which was Momotarou's favorite food, for him.  At last Momotauro left for Oni island with his Kibidango.
   When Momotarou was walking the the forest, a monkey came out and said, "If you give me some of your Kibidango, I'll follow you."  Momotarou give it to the monkey, and the monkey followed him.  When they were walking for a while, a dog came out and the same thing happened; he gave the dog some Kibidango, and the dog went with him.  Next a bird came out and the same thing happened.  That is why Momotarou took them to the party, and the party made it!  They beat the Oni and brought the treasures which the Oni had robbed the people of, and brought peace to their town.


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