Saturday, June 9, 2012


June 1996
fairy tales

A fox lived in the forest.  One day he walked through a flock of sheep; all of the sheep saw the fox, and they were afraid of the fox and ran way.  The fox caught up with a young sheep.  The young sheep quickly ran into the forest through a creek, but the fox didn't follow the sheep, because the fox hated to go down into the creek, and the young sheep wouldn't come up out of the creek.  So, the fox lied to the sheep, "Your mother is coming to help you here; I've got to go."  Then the fox walked and hid behind a rock, and the young sheep walked up the creek to find his mother.  Suddenly the fox jumped up and killed the sheep, so the sheep died from his foolishness.  According to this story, the foolish man is the victim of a smart man.


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