Friday, June 8, 2012


    Spring 1993

Once upon a time, a king of Indonesia had the name of Paramisuera.  He liked to travel very much.  Therefore, one day he and his soldiers went to an island which was near Indonesia.  When they reached that island, they didn't know what the island's name was.  After that, they walked through the jungle.  After a few hours, they could not find anything in this land.  At that time, they felt tired and hungry.  Therefore, they sat down under a big tree and ate their food.  At that moment, Paramisuera saw a lion walking near them.  They hadn't seen the lion before.  They were surprised by the lion.  However, the lion just stood there looking at them.  When Paramisuera stood up, the lion ran away.  Then, Paramisuera named the island Singapore.

-SuLi, Malaysia

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