Friday, June 8, 2012


    Spring 1993

Thousands of years ago, the earth began having life.  One day, a stone gave birth to a monkey.  Because the stone had absorbed the sun's light and the moon's light, it was able to have a baby.  Many monkeys lived in the woods.  They always played in a stream.  One day, the monkeys wanted to know where the stream came from.  They walked along the stream.  They saw a waterfall.  They said, "if someone can go inside, and still come back, he can become a king."  The stone monkey said, "I can go."  Then, he closed his eyes a jumped inside.  He found, inside, that there was a hole.  He walked a few minutes.  He found a beautiful place.  There were beautiful flowers and trees.  The fruit was very delicious.  He went out and told all the animals about what was inside.  Everyone was very happy and they called him king.  They lived in this hole and they were carefree.  Then, they called this hole, "flower-fruit hole."


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