Friday, June 8, 2012

A Fairy Tale

  Spring 1993

 Once upon a time, a man had the name of Sritanochai.  He was a clever man.  He could solve difficult questions.  He was a very famous man.
      Then, men from other provinces wanted to give him difficult questions.
   When he was a child, he had had a yougner brother.  His mother said,  "You take a shower, for your brother is very clean."  do you know what he did?  He killed his brother because he wanted to be clean on the inside of his body.  This was a bad thing, but he was still a hero.  When he was an adult, he worked for the king.  Kings from other countries wanted to try him but he could solve all difficult questions.  He was more popular than the king.  Then, the kings wanted to kill him.  The kings took him because he told the jailer that he wanted sugar because he was ill, and he saved his own life.  Finally, in the morning, we was killed by a soldier.  This tale teaches us that "you should do the best things, but don't show off."  this fairy tale sounds bad, but most Thai people know him.  This hero wasn't a hero all the time.

  -Michelle, Thailand

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