Friday, June 8, 2012

The Animal "Nien"

 Spring 1993

  The "nien" is one kind of animal that has a lion's body, a horse's legs, and a dragon's head.  It always lives in the mountain, but only goes out to eat people on Dec. 31.
   So people are very tremendously afraid of this kind of animal.  At the end of every year, the nien had eaten many people.  Finally, men found out that the "nien" fears red colors and big noises.
   During this day, every family will wear red clothes, stick red papers in the well, and set firecrackers.  People will drive out the nien.  When the next morning comes, everybody will say "kung-shu" that you weren't eaten by the "nien."
   This is one mythical story of the Chinese New Year.  In every year, our fathers always want to tell this story.  They always want their children to never forget our heritage.  In this holiday, we will think bout what our ancestors did to benefit our generation.


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