Sunday, June 10, 2012


June 1988

I went to India with my friend two years ago.  It was my first trip to India.  When I arrived at the airport, I had my first culture shock.  I waited three hours for my baggage.  Although I had been to some Asian countries and Europe, I had never waited three hours.  And also it's unbelievable in Japan. 
   When my friend and I walked in the town of Old Delhi, we were shocked.  There were many cows on the streets, many colors, much noise, many kinds of smells and many eyes.  And it was scorching hot.  I was so surprised that we couldn't talk. We were just walking.  The difference between our town and that place was great.  We felt that all the Indian people were looking at us because their big eyes were conspicuous.  But at the time, my friend stepped in a stool of cows.  there were many cows in the street, so many stools were there.  We were laughing and we opened our fearful minds.  then we enjoyed our trip in India.

   -Hiroe Goto

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